Website IP Checker

About CrawlCenter website IP Address checker - Domain into IP address converter tool

With this tool, you can see the IP allocated to a website. You can use this tool as many times as you want. To see the website IP, enter the site URL in the text box displayed on this page and click the "Submit" button.

Why you can access the IP address of a website?

Web servers run on a server. They listen to port 80 or 443 and can understand what pages to serve when the visitor tries to open the website's page. Each server connected to the network is assigned an Internet Protocol Address aka IP Address. On the server, you can access the site appending the port number on which the webserver is listening to the IP address of a server. But when the domain name is requested, the webserver will find out which virtual hostname matches the domain name. When the webserver identifies the vhost or server name, it will serve the requested page.

Benefits of checking website IP address regularly

When something goes wrong at a web host, the hosting service provider may move your site to a server having a different IP than the one currently assigned. If you know the previously assigned IP to your server, you can use this utility to check if your website's IP has changed or not.