CrawlCenter FAQs

What is the refund policy?

You can ask for a refund within 10 days of buying a plan. To get a refund, kindly send us an email to and do mention the reason why you want to cancel plan. Please don't ask for a refund if you have been using our application for more than 10 days.

Does our crawler support JS?

For now, our crawler ignores HTML tags and attributes generated by JavaScript. Our crawler is capable of executing JS code on a website. To crawl JS sites, the crawler must render the page in a headless browser. During this process, the CPU and RAM consumption increases three fold. To make sure that other sites on our server is not impacted by this, we have disabled the JS crawl function. We'll unlock this feature when a customer buys a silver or gold plan. This may take up to a week. Before buying a plan, you can signup for the CrawlCenter basic plan and test our reports.

How can you find redirected URLs/ redirect chains with Crawlcenter?

Open the HTTP status report and enter 301/302 in the HTTP status field. Our crawler doesn't follow redirects purposefully. Why is this so? We believe that only search bots should hit the redirected URLs not the user. We want you to replace the redirected URL on the pages of your site with a direct URL. As the original page has been redirected, it doesn't exist. It lacks a title, meta description, canonical URL, etc.

The redirected URLs will appear in our "Without title, meta description, canonical URL, robots meta tag reports". They'll disappear when you replace the redirected URL with direct URL on the pages of your site. Once you replace the URL, configure the web server to redirect the old URL to new URL. You also use a drupal, Mageno, Joomla or a WordPress plugin to do the same.

How can you reach/contact us?

Our official email address is . If you find the reports inaccurate or you have some doubts about our application, send us a mail. We'll reply to your query within 4 hours.

Do we have an affiliate program?

No, but we'll launch one in the coming months.