Privacy Policy

What data we collect?

Apart from the email address and password, we collect the following details of the user:

  • IP address
  • Browser
  • Time of visit.
  • Device name/ID
  • Operating system.

The web server generates a log which includes the above information of the user. This file helps use fix errors and improve the performance of the application.

We don't sell or share your data with third-party companies nor do we send marketing emails to our users. The emails you'll receive from us will have details on the new updates/features of CrawlCener.

We use Google Analytics to track the user to gather user activity on a website. GA uses JavaScript to track the activities of the users.


Sessions are saved on the server. They're destroyed after 45 minutes or when the user logs out of the application. Our application doesn't harvest tracking or any other form of cookie on your PC/smartphone.

About the payment gateway

To process payment, we use PayPal - a leading payment service provider. PayPal is a secure and fast service that is available in over 100 countries. We don't store your card or bank details.

For further questions, please drop a email to