URL Splitter

About Crawlcenter URL Splitter tool

The internet comprises of several billion URLs. Search engines crawl the pages the URL opens and indexes them. Blogs have a simple URL structure. eCommerce portals have a complex one. Unless a website is a static one, URL may contain special characters and query strings. Whatever the structure a URL has, according to experts, its length should not exceed beyond 2000 characters.

With this tool, you can quickly split links of any length for free. The tool accepts a URL as an input (You have to paste the link in the textbox). When you click the submit button, the tool will split the URL into different parts and displays individual parts in a table.

The tool lets you split the URLs containing one of the following characters:

  • ?
  • #
  • ?=
  • /

In addition to the parts, this tool also enables you to see the following details of an URL:

  • Scheme/Protocol of the URL
  • Authority
  • Port number
  • Host