WordPress Theme and Plugin Checker

About the WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector tool

Themes and plugins are responsible for the success of websites using the WordPress content management system. The WordPress repository has over 1000 items. Unfortunately, not all themes and plugins are SEO friendly.

What is the secret of a successful WP website or blog?

A well designed WP theme has clean code and valid syntax. These themes have many features. They provide a great user experience. Search engines like websites using SEO friendly themes.

Revealing the secret

In case you've come across a beautiful WordPress website or a high ranking WP site and you want to know its themes, plugins, simply enter its URL in the text box you see above and click the check button. Now, wait for a few seconds.

Our tool will analyze the website. Then, it will display the name of the WordPress theme and plugin the site is using. If a message is not displayed below the text box, the website owner is either using a plugin that has hidden the theme details or the site you've entered in the text box isn't using the WordPress content management system.