SSL Certificate Checker

About CrawlCenter SSL Certificate checker

When Google announced that HTTPS is one of the search engine ranking factors, there was a huge spike in the sites switching from HTTP protocol to HTTPS.

To enable HTTPS, you should install an SSL certificate on your server and configure your webserver to use it. Installing SSL manually on an unmanaged server can be a tricky and time-consuming task. Some web hosting companies make this task easy by providing a one-click HTTPS enabler tool.

If you're switching your website from HTTP to HTTPS, you should set up redirects correctly. To know whether your redirects are working correctly or not, use our redirect checker tool.

How to use this tool?

Enter the domain or URL of which you want to check SSL certificate details in the text-box displayed above. Then, click the submit button. Crawlcenter will now display detailed information of the entered domain's SSL certificate.

The tool displays the following details:

  • SSL version.
  • Issuer.
  • DNSName.
  • Algorithm.
  • Certificate's validity (expiry, valid from date)

You can use this tool to know when the SSL certificate of your website will expire or is the certificate of the site your planning to execute a transaction is issued by a trustworthy company or is valid or not or for reasons we've not listed here.

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