Remove Duplicate Lines

Remove duplicate Lines from text

With this tool, you can remove duplicate lines online within a few seconds. This tool saves your time because as you don't have to install and use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, etc. All you have to do is paste the text of your document in the text area displayed about and choose the appropriate options. Finally, click the submit button.

Using this tool

Choose/Select the "Select if lines start with dot" option/checkbox if you want CrawlCenter to remove duplicate sentences. If you choose this option, Cc will not only remove duplicate sentences but will also add a space after the dot "."

In addition to the removing duplicate lines, CrawlCenter also provides an option to sort the lines by name in ascending or descending order. To use this feature, check the box "Select if you want lines to be sorted".

Example usage:

You can use CrawlCenter duplicate lines remover tool for the following reasons and reasons not listed below:

  • Remove duplicate IP (IP addresses).
  • Remove duplicate numbers.
  • Remove duplicate domains.
  • And more

To know the number of words and characters a block of text or document has, use our Word Counter Tool

Note: We don't save your text/content.