Product Review Schema generator

About product review schema generator

Star ratings in the SERPs can improve the CTR significantly. To see star rating in the Google search engine result pages, you must add review schema to the page. Review schemas are of various types. The commonly used one is the Product review schema. With CrawlCenter, you can create this schema within a few seconds.

How to use the review schema markup generator tool?

Enter the product name, description, best rating, your rating, product image URL, and the author/reviewer's name in the textboxes you'll find above. Once you do so, click the "Generate" button. CrawlCenter will now create the schema code and will display it in the text area displayed below the text fields. Copy the code and put it in the text area on the page of your choice.

Advantages of using this plugin

The WordPress review plugins cost $90 to $250. CrawlCenter allows you to create schemas for free. As of now, it supports product schema only. This tool allows you to generate review schemas for free.

Note: Test the schema code with Google's rich results tester tool and then add it to the page. It's up to Google to display the star ratings.