Online Ping and Traceroute

About Online traceroute and Ping tools

Ping and Traceroute are two of several important networking tools. Ping allows you to see the time taken by an IP packet to reach the server and whether the server or the remote computer is functional or connected to the network or not.

Traceroute lets you find the route a packet is taking to reach the destination. It is used to check whether the network infrastructure is functional or not.

The objective of an SEO should be to lower the number of hops required for a packet to reach the host and reduce the ping time.

Networking professionals can use these two tools to learn whether the components that are part of the network infrastructure are working or not.

The only way you can optimize these two parameters is by using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) or deploying your app/server to a server nearby you.

How to use this tool?

Enter the IP address of the computer/server you want to ping in the text box 1. Now, enter the number of hops or number of times you want t ping the server IP in the text box 2. Now click one of these two buttons:

  • Ping IP
  • Trace route to IP

Once you click the button, wait for a few seconds. CrawlCenter will display the ping or traceroute result below the text box.