Free Meta Tag analyzer tool

About Crawl Center Meta Tag Analyzer

Meta Tags are one of the most important HTML tags. Search engines display only the title, description, ratings (if the page contains a review) of the web pages in search results. They are responsible for the click-through rate. CTR is one of the factors of search engine rankings. The title should contain 40 to 90 characters and the meta description must have between 100 to 170 characters.

If the description tag of the page is missing, search engines might generate them automatically (from the content found on the page).

If the titles or description of the pages are too long, the Google Search Console will show long title/meta description error in its HTML reports section.

The meta robots tag gives users the option to allow search engines to index/noindex the pages. The user must use it wisely. Most search engines are likely to ignore the keywords tag. So, the keyword tags optional.

Our free online meta tag analyzer tool makes you aware of the title, meta description, robots, keywords and news keywords tag found on a page. It also displays the length of the values so that you can optimize the meta tags as per your requirements.

If you enter the URL and the tool displays nothing, check if the URL is reachable or not. If the tool doesn't finds any of the 5 tags on your pages, it will display "N/A" in front of its meta name.