MD5 Hash Generator

About the MD5 Hash Generator tool

MD5 is one of the most powerful algorithms in the world of cryptography. It keeps users personal data safe. The algorithm accepts a string as input and generates a hash from it. It is widely used to create hashes from passwords.

Why passwords are saved as a hash?

Developers make sure that the passwords or important details such as credit cards, debit cards, SSN, etc are hashed and saved in the database instead of plain text to make sure that in case an attacker bypasses the security and gets access to the database, he sees only the hashes which are usually difficult to crack.

What is the use of the MD5 hash generator tool

You can use the hash generated by this tool as a password. A six letter word will result in a long hash. It is possible to remember a password but this is not the case with hashes. Words you use daily can be cracked by a bruteforce attack. Even hashed passwords generated by commonly used words can be cracked by some tools. Hashes comprise of letters and words. Hashes created from a strong password are impossible to crack