Keyword density checker tool

About the free keyword density checker tool

Keywords are the backbones of a website. It helps search engines in ranking pages in the search results.

Using the right keywords on a page is very important. You don't want Google or Bing to rank your website for irrelevant queries? Would you?

If you use the same keyword repeatedly in a paragraph, the post/article will appear spammy and your website may suffer from a Google Panda algorithm update in the future.

To avoid algorithmic penalties, you should make sure that you don't overuse words on your website. Keeping a track of words you use in an article/post is not an easy task. With our keyword density checker tool, it takes a few seconds.

How many times should you use a keyword?

The best way to find the ideal keyword density is to test the check the pages that rank high in search engines with this tool.

The Crawl Center free keyword density checker tool scans the entire page and extracts texts from various HTML elements. Once it finishes this task, it uses a smart algorithm to find out how many times a keyword has appeared on the page. Once the tool displays the result, go through the "Density" column carefully. If you find that you've overused keywords, make changes to your article or post as quickly as you can.

The tool supports https and http protocols. It is free, fast and accurate. To verify the accuracy, add all the values displayed in the occurrence/density percentages column.