Internal Links Checker and Analyzer

About the internal Link checker tool

Internal aka inbound Links helps in distributing the link juice (page rank). They decrease bounce/exit rate and increase the number of page views. If you've place ads on your website, the links will increase the exposure of ads to visitors. Internal Linking also help search engines in finding pages on the website quickly.

Although there's no rule on the number of links you should have on a page, SEO experts believe that the count of inbound URLs on a page should be below 100.

It is important that you don't add excess links on a single page. If you do so, the page rank of the page will dilute. Furthermore, search bots might consider the page spammy.

Keeping a track of links on every page of a website is not easy, but with Crawl Center's internal link checker tool, it is a piece a cake.

How to use this tool?

Enter the url of the page whose links you want to check and click the "Find Links" button. That's it! The internal link checker/analyzer tool of Crawl Center will now display the internal links it has found in a table. The tool will also display the anchor text of the URLs so that you can optimize it and improve the search engine rankings of the linked page.