Image Converter

About the Crawlcenter image converter tool

With the image converter tool of Crawlcenter, you can convert PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF format images to another format online within a few seconds without losing the quality.

Benefits of converting images

PNG images are heavier than JPG, BMP format pictures. In layman's term, they consume more disk space. If your computer's HDD has hundreds of PNG images, you can free up several megabytes of storage memory by converting the image to JPG format. Heavier images consume more bandwidth and may slow down the pages. Also, some websites support the uploading of images of a specific format.

When it comes to SEO, according to Google, page speed is one of several search engine ranking factors. If you use JPG format pictures in a blog post or a web page, the page will load a bit faster than the pages having PNG format images.

How to convert the file?

To use the tool, click the browse button and choose the file you want Crawlcenter to convert. Now, click the submit button. Once CC converts the file, right click on the converted file name and select "Save Link as" option. Click the save button to save the converted file on your PC.

Once you download/save the file, click the "Delete file from the server" button to remove the file from our server.