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About CrawlCenter JPG, PNG, BMP compressor tool

Image compressor is a tool that lets you compress JPG, PNG, BMP format images for free i.e. If the size of an image is 1000 Kb and you want to compress it by 20%, the resulting image would be of size 900 Kb i.e. 100 kilobytes reduction in size.

Compression results in smaller sized photos but the quality of the compressed and original image might not be the same. The quality depends on the percentage by which you're compressing a file.

How to compress photos online with this tool?

Click the browse button and choose an image. Now, enter the size by which you want to compress (don't enter a % symbol) and click the "Compress" button.

Once your JPG, PNG, or BMP file is processed, you'll see a link. Click the link and right-click/tap on the image and select "Save image as" option.

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