Find my Facebook Id

About Find my Facebook ID tool

Facebook users who don't create a custom URL use a direct link to their profile. This link contains a 12+ digit number called ID. The ID is unique for each account. The only way to change it is to delete your account and create a new one. The direct FB profile URL looks like this

If you're a person who keeps changing the username, you should always share the link containing your Facebook ID instead of the user name. If you don't do so, people won't be able to reach you.

The fastest and easiest way to get your profile ID is by using the CrawlCenter Find My Facebook ID tool.

Using Find My Facebook ID tool

It takes a few seconds to find with Facebook ID with CrawlCenter. To see your FB id, enter the full page/profile URL in the text box you see above. Now, click the submit button.

The tool works like a charm on PC, tablets, as well as mobile devices. In case it doesn't display the ID of the Facebook page or profile you have entered, write to us.