TLS Checker

About the TLS and Cipher Suites checker tool

TLS aka Transport Layer Security is a security protocol employed by websites, email servers, etc. It encrypts the messages exchanged between web applications and servers.

TLS v1.0 was launched in 1999 and TLS v1.1 was introduced in 2006. Both these protocols will be retired soon. The top browsers i.e. Chrome, Firefox had announced the end of support for these two protocols.

TLS v1.3 is the latest version of TLS. It is faster and more secure than TLS v1.0/v1.1.

If you've enabled TLS v1.3 support on your server, and you want to check if your configuration is working as expected or not, you should use the TLS checker tool of CrawlCenter.

This tool accepts an https URL as an input and displays the security protocols the website's server supports. It also shows the Cipher Suites in use.